Frank Appleton

Frank Appleton

Religion came into my life when I was in my middle twenties.

Two Mormon Elders came to my home, and a few months later I became a member of the Mormon Church.  However when I went to the London Temple to be baptised for the dead, it didn’t seem right. They told me not to worry – it was purely symbolic.  But things didn’t add up for me and I left the Church.

Then later in life I met Margaret. She told me about Bahá’u’lláh and the Bahá’í Faith. We had some good discussions – sometimes heated!  We used to go to meetings which I enjoyed, and gradually I began to see things differently.  Then one day we went to a meeting at a community centre in Heartsease, Norwich, to hear a talk being given by Dr Abbas Afnan. It was at this talk that Dr Afnan said something that made everything click into place. I became a Bahá’í, and have been satisfied ever since.

When Dr Afnan and his wife, Shomais, lived in Attleborough, we went to a fireside. Bill Sears was also there and gave a talk and demonstration with his light bulbs.

I used to take the kids over to the Afnans’ to a Sunday School.  While I was waiting, Dr Afnan used to get me to mow his lawn!

We would also go to a picnic held once a month at Ted Cardell’s farm in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

There were at least fifty people there. People who went there included Vivian Isenthal, the artist, who later married Ron Roe, and Sylvia Shulman (Benatar), an international pianist, as well as Mansur Shah, who was a spiritually deep person, whom we loved to listen to and talk with.


Frank Appleton

Norwich, February 2014 – recorded by Iain Macdonald

Frank and Margaret's wedding photo

Frank and Margaret’s wedding photo